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This is my personal information page.
You won't find anything else of interest at the domain valio.ch yet.

I'm a human born in Basel, Switzerland on April 26th 1983 with male genitals.
Perhaps most people would consider my gender male and my sexual orientation heterosexual;
I personally neither find these binary categories necessary, nor do I like 'em.
I prefer to put myself into no category at all (i.e. "undefined") concerning my gender and my sexual orientation.

I was given the name Patrick Mächler by my parents, but urge people to relate to me as Pat Mächler instead since 2010.
This is not mainly because it's shorter; it's because it's more ambigous, reflecting my personal views on gender.

I'm not into any serious religion.
I rather have an agnostic point of view, but consider myself spiritual to some degree.
If asked for, I would choose Buddhism as my favourite world religion.
Of course I also believe into humanity and into myself ;-)

I hold a BSc in Computer Science, a MSc in Computer Science
and a diploma supplement in Gender Studies from the University of Basel.
I'm currently studying for a MAS in HCID.

My main interests/hobbies

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Last update: 2016-05-20